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Why use repSource?

    Searching for your grail piece can quickly become a tedious task once you realize how many different sites sellers post their products across. Why scour Yupoo, Weidian, Taobao and more to find something when you can simply browse on one convienent site? For us, it’s as simple as suggesting sellers to add to our database and we can quickly scan, classify, and add each product to our catalog.

Have a seller you want us to add? Let us know!

About Us

    We started repSource because we were tired of having to browse and search through countless platforms to find a piece of clothing we wanted. Why spend time searching through Yupoo, Weidian, Taobao, and archived reddit posts with dead W2C links when you could go to a website that has it all?

    At repSource, we’ve designed our systems to be modular so that if a new seller pops up, products are removed or go out of stock, or if new products are added, the database will automatically be updated. The biggest struggle will likely be classifying products into categories, but this should improve as we gather more data.